30+ Writing Jobs From Home For New Freelancers

writing jobs from home

Thinking of starting a freelance writing business? Interested in exploring some remote work options in addition to your full time job? You’ve come to the right place.

There are lots of writing gigs that new freelancers can get into with minimal effort and investment. Some offer more work opportunities, while some pay better than others.

To get an idea of which opportunities are best for you, here’s a list of 30+ writing jobs from home, including my thoughts on the ones I tried when starting my freelance writing career:

Freelance Writing Jobs from Home for Beginners

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the easiest freelance writing jobs to get into. Some of the first work I found as a remote worker were blogging gigs. Businesses need writers to create regular content for their blogs to help attract traffic and engage their audiences. You can write blog posts on just about any topic. Popular niches include travel, pets, home improvement, parenting, health and beauty.

2. News article writing

News websites offer lots of writing gigs for freelancers. One website might need 20 or more posts every day to keep up with the latest topics. News article writing is pretty easy — articles are usually short and just have to refer to press releases to get the information you need. You can do news article writing for niche sites as well, focusing on topics such as finance, technology, real estate, politics, etc.

TechCrunch is a great example of a niche news site that publishes new content daily:

Niche news site

3. Technical writing

Technical writing involves writing content that explains to or instructs people on how to do something. A user’s manual or product assembly instructions are good examples of technical writing. Technical writers need to have more knowledge on a subject than regular people. They also need to be prepared to use industry-specific technical jargon.

Lots of business niches require technical writers. Some examples include software engineering, finance, medical, consumer electronics, aeronautics, etc. If you don’t have any previous experience in technical writing, you can always create your own writing samples to show potential clients.

4. Marketing content

Today I mainly write marketing content for businesses, so this is one of my favorite writing jobs from home to do. Marketing content can mean creating advertising material but that’s only part of it. Businesses marketing online need all sorts of content to attract traffic to their website, capture contact information, nurture their leads, and drive sales. Even if you don’t specialize in writing for a specific type of business, creating marketing content can get you a lot of work.

5. White paper writing

A white paper is an authoritative report on a specific topic that includes data and insights that support a complex issue or perspective. White papers are usually issued by a business or organization and support their views and agenda.

White papers can be as short as a few pages long or can go hundreds of pages. Businesses regularly rely on freelancers to create these in-depth reports. Often they’re used for marketing purposes and can be created annually.

6. Ghostwriting

Now that I’ve done freelance writing for a while now, most of my work is in ghostwriting. Ghostwriting involves writing content for other people that is published under their name instead of yours. You could be asked to write all sorts of things, such as articles, marketing material or even books. In the past I’ve ghostwritten for many entrepreneurs who publish content in top business magazines around the world.

7. Article writing

Article writing is a lot like blog writing with a few key differences. You can get hired to write articles for a blog but they’re much more in-depth. Blog posts usually range from 600-800 words whereas articles can be 2,000 words or more. Articles also offer more detailed information, including actionable advice and statistics to back up points. Article writing jobs from home usually require more than just basic knowledge of a topic, so you should get paid more to write them.

8. Press release writing

Press release writing is a great way to start freelancing. Businesses always need press releases, so specializing in this type of writing can become a part time job in no time. All you have to do is learn the standard structure of press releases to get started. You can also avoid looking for work on job boards by setting up a gig on freelancer sites like Fiverr. Just explain your press release services on the gig, then people will come to you whenever they need your writing services.

Freelance Fiverr gigs

9. SEO

Most online content needs to be optimized for search engines. That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) is a very popular writing job from home. SEO writers create content and optimize it for the right keywords. If you want to increase your value as a freelancer, you can also offer SEO keyword research services in addition to writing. I didn’t know anything about SEO before becoming a freelancer but I was able to teach myself easily enough using free online resources.

10. Script writing

Are you a movie lover? Maybe you took a few film classes in college? Or tried your hand at script writing before? You could make a great script writer for hire.

Lots of busy filmmakers have an idea for a show or movie but don’t have the time to flesh it out on paper. A freelance script writer can help them create a script they can then tweak and submit to film producers. Script writing is a great writing job from home for people who have writing talent and a real love of film.

11. Guest posts

There are numerous content writing jobs for creating guest posts. Businesses often market themselves and build backlinks to their website by publishing guest content on other blogs and online publications. If you write guest posts, you’ll need to comply with the publication guidelines of each website the content is published on. In my experience, lots of businesses are also looking for a writer who can help them with outreach (guest post pitching).

Landing high quality guest posts isn’t easy, so if you can get a few of your own articles published on top websites, it will land you a lot of clients.

12. Transcription

If you want to have a remote job from home but aren’t interested in the creative aspects of most writing gigs, then transcription is the freelance niche for you. Transcription is the act of listening to audio speech and converting them into written words. All you need are fast typing skills and a good ear to do this. There are always plenty of transcription projects out there — speeches, interviews, meetings, you name it.

13. Translation

Translation is another one of my favorite writing jobs from home. People have always needed translation services for books. But now many businesses are also translating their website content in an effort to market globally using a local strategy.

If you’re fluent in English and any other major language used on the internet, you can easily find online translation work. Popular languages include Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, French, Italian, etc. Swahili and other African languages are also on the rise.

Here’s a graph of the top languages used on the internet today:

languages of the internet

14. General copywriting

One thing you should know about freelance writing is there are lots of general copywriting jobs that don’t fall into the other categories discussed in this post. People need content written for all sorts of reasons, not just for marketing. Most general copywriting gigs are something you’ll stumble across on job sites. The client will explain exactly what they need and you’ll adapt your writing style to achieve it.

15. Social media marketing

Feel like you spend too much time on Twitter and Instagram? You might make a good social media content writer. Lots of businesses hire freelancers to create social posts for them. This can include written and visual content. You may also be asked to manage their social accounts (e.g. respond to inquiries, follow/unfollow, research hashtags, join niche groups, etc.).  To be a good social media writer, you need to have a good understanding of what kind of content resonates with people on different social platforms.

16. Web writing

Web writing is a generalized online writing category that isn’t specific to blogging or writing articles. Web writing can include creating any type of content pages on a website, such as a home page, about page, service page, etc. It’s also a great place to start out as a freelance writer trying to get new clients. Do a good job on someone’s home page and they might ask you to come on as a full-time writer.

17. Sales writing

Sales writing involves creating content specifically designed to drive sales instead of nurture leads. You can be asked to write about specific products, features, pricing, etc. Sales writers often create ad copy (PPC ads, display ads) and landing pages for their clients. Landing pages are super-targeted website pages that a visitor “lands on” when they click through on an ad link. Sales writers should be prepared to create several different versions of their content so businesses can test and see which is the most effective at driving sales.

18. Course writing

Of the online writing gigs out there, course writing is one of the most popular. Lots of businesses, people and online marketers create courses. I have an online course that took me ages to write by myself. That’s why lots of people want to hire third-party writers to create course content for them.

To get an idea of the kind of course content you could be hired to write, take a look at what’s popular on Udemy. Categories include business, design, photography, development, personal development, marketing, and more.

Freelance course writing

19. Case studies

Case studies are a common type of marketing collateral that businesses need from time to time. They are usually several-page features that illustrate customer success stories from the business in question. They often include illustrative statistics and quotations from the customer that you use to make the business and their products/services look good. You may need to interview the customer as part of your research, or the client will provide you with all the information you need.

20. Editing

Editing is one of the best freelance writing gigs where you can always find new work. People need all sorts of content edited, whether it be a book, research paper, dissertation, blog articles, etc. You can specialize in specific types of editing, like proofreading or copyediting,. Getting started as a professional freelance editor is easy if you follow the right steps.

21. Content development

Content development is a form of editing where you provide helpful tips and advice to help people improve something they’ve written. Usually this is with fiction projects. You can offer advice on story plot and character development or even check facts and dates for historical writing. If you’re an avid reader, content development is a great writing job from home to try out.

22. Book writing

Why do quick little jobs writing articles when you can land a deal for a 60,000-word book? Book writing jobs from home can be very lucrative because the projects are often massive. Lots of businesses need freelancers to write books for their marketing collateral. Still other people need a writer to ghostwrite their non-fiction book to be published in stores. If you have expert experience in a niche topic, or if you’re an excellent researcher, this can help you land book writing gigs.

23. Journalism

Yep, journalism is one of the most overlooked writing jobs from home. Most people think they need to actually have a journalism degree to do it. Also how are you supposed to do hard-hitting journalism while working at home?

It’s a lot easier than it looks. If you have a good story and pitch it well, it can get published in top news publications and magazines. I got content featured in the Wall Street Journal when I first started freelancing! And I created it all from the privacy of my own home.

There are lots of top magazines that accept journalism content from anybody with a good story to tell. And if you need to interview someone for your piece, you can always do it remotely (that’s what most journalists do these days anyway).

24. Cold pitch writing

Cold calling used to be the most effective way to find new business clients. Now it’s cold emailing. I use cold emailing to get all my freelance writing clients. Doing this strategy effectively takes a lot of time investment. That’s why lots of businesses will hire a freelancer to create their content and pitch for them.

This writing job from home means you’re part writer and part administrative assistant. But it can make you great, steady income with the right clients.

25. Email marketing

Businesses regularly hire freelance writers to create their email marketing content. Email marketing involves creating an autoresponder series — a number of emails a business sends to subscribers over time to nurture them as leads and encourage them to buy. In order to write good email copy, you need to have an understanding of lead nurturing tactics and how most people interact with the messages in their inbox.

This website, Really Good Emails has great examples of different kinds of marketing emails you can learn from:

email marketing writing

26. Rewriting

There are lots of businesses out there looking for freelancers who can rewrite content for them. Some of these gigs are good and can pay well, while others aren’t worth your investment. There’s also a writing business out there called “article spinning.” Basically you take someone else’s written content and make enough changes to it that search engines won’t recognize it as the same thing. That’s not a good niche to get into.

Instead find legitimate rewriting gigs. Maybe a client hired someone else to write an article and they did a bad job, so now it needs to be rewritten. Or they have an old article that needs to be updated with new information and facts. This kind of rewriting is a great way to make quick money as a freelance writer.

27. Grant writing jobs

If you have an advanced degree, grant writing is a great freelance writing job from home to try. Many academics, NGOs and even businesses need help writing grants for their organization. It helps if you have experience in their discipline, but it’s not a requirement. The best credential you can have is a track record of landing grants yourself. For any academic looking to enter the freelance world, I always recommend grant writing as a high-paying, lucrative option that utilizes their existing skills.

28. Product descriptions

Creating product descriptions is one of the easiest writing jobs from home to get into. Ecommerce businesses can sell tens of thousands of products. They need someone to take basic product information from the manufacturer and turn it into helpful web copy that encourages people to buy. Often they will need to optimize product descriptions to rank for certain keywords in Google product search or on Amazon.

Amazon product listings can actually be quite lengthy, including bullet point features, a full product description, and specifications:

product description writing

29. Business plan writing

Have experience writing business plans or at least reviewing them at your desk job? You could make a good freelance business plan writer. Lots of entrepreneurs simply don’t have the time to write their own business plans. Some are just not so good with words and need help to express their ideas. If you want to get into business plan writing, create an online portfolio with sample business plans you’ve written.

30. Resume writing

Are you one of those people who meticulously updates your resume? Are you good at illustrating the value of your various job positions with words? Then you’d make a great resume writer. Lots of people turn to freelancers for help with their resumes. Young people who don’t have a lot of experience in the job market, older people looking to change careers or go back to work — you name it. I know of several freelancers who succeeded with writing jobs from home simply by helping people with their resumes.

BONUS Content Writing Jobs From Home

Here are a few extra writing jobs from home to check out. I’m constantly coming across new and upcoming writing niches — So I update this list regularly as I discover them.


31. Novelist

Are you an avid fiction reader? Maybe dabbled in a little writing yourself? You could make money as a professional novelist. One way to do this is by becoming a novelist yourself, writing books and publishing them under your name. The other option is to ghostwrite novels for other people. You’d be surprised how many famous authors rely on ghostwriters to write their books. If you ghostwrite, you should specialize in a specific genre, like romance, crime, SciFi, children’s, etc.

32. Travel writing

Travel writing is one of the most popular writing jobs from home because it’s incredibly fun. If you work from home, you have the freedom to take vacations whenever you want. All you have to do is take your computer with you and write from anywhere. Lots of travel writers make money creating content for third-party publications. Some create their own blogs and attract traffic, then display ads or affiliate products to earn profit. There are lots of ways to make money as a travel writer and enjoy your life while doing it.