Legitimate Work From Home Jobs for Teachers

legitimate work from home jobs for teachers

Looking for legitimate work from home jobs for teachers? It’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed. There’s a lot of legit online teaching jobs out there, but you’re probably wondering which ones offer the most income and flexibility for your needs.

Whether you’re looking for part-time jobs for teachers after school, something to fill the summer months, or a new career outside of education, there are many work from home jobs to choose from.

13 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs for Teachers

Here are the most popular options today, as well as some secrets to maximize online income for teachers:

1. Online Teacher

There are plenty of online teaching jobs for elementary up to high school. Teaching online has become more popular recently as more children are home-schooled. Many parents around the world also want to invest in a quality English education for their children.

Depending on how and where you teach, you may have 5, 10 or 20+ students in a class. As an online teacher, your job is to emulate the normal classroom environment as much as possible. You could be hired to teach a single subject or several subjects, based on your expertise.

There are lots of places to find teaching jobs online, however teachers pay varies by platform. There are websites designed for online learning that you can apply to, such as Connections Academy, K12.com, and Keystone School Online. You can also browse and apply for remote teaching jobs on Indeed, HigherEdJobs.com and FlexJobs.

2. Curriculum Developer

If you’re an experienced teacher, you probably know a lot about what kind of educational materials work best in the classroom. If so, then you have highly valuable skills needed to become a curriculum developer.

This is one of the best legitimate work from home jobs for teachers. Curriculum developers set up the structure and scope of a class, as well as develop in-class materials teachers can use to teach. These can be lesson notes, worksheets, quizzes, exams, etc.

You can find work as a curriculum developer on job boards like Indeed, HigherEdJobs, and FlexJobs. Not all of these listings are work from home jobs, but you can usually filter results to see remote positions only.

3. Grade Standardized Tests

If you’re looking for a part-time work from home job to fill the summer months, grading standardized tests is a great option. Grading might not be stimulating work for teachers but it can provide steady income when you need it.

For most test scoring jobs, all you need is a bachelor’s degree and some teaching experience to qualify. Usually, these jobs are part-time positions. You may be paid per hour or per test graded. Here are a few platforms that offer test scoring jobs from home:

• Pearson Education
• Educational Testing Services
• WriteScore
• Study Point

If you need help with the job search, just go to Pearson. They have a searchable database of scoring jobs you can apply to. You can also sort results by location, subject, and other factors:

pearson education jobs from home

4. Freelance Writer

If you want to earn good money online while working from home, you should definitely consider becoming a freelance writer. Yes, writing is a legitimate work from home job for teachers. Lots of people with an educational background get into freelance writing. While some stick to writing about educational topics, many branch out into other related or unrelated niches.  Teachers tend to be very good at writing information in a clear, easy-to-understand way. This is exactly the kind of style most businesses want from a writer.

What is freelancing and how does writing fit in? Well, there are more remote job opportunities in writing than just about any other niche. You can get hired to write blog posts, articles, news content, magazine articles, resources, books, white papers, reports, and more.

5. Online Tutor

If you’re interested in part-time online teaching jobs from home, tutoring is a great option. Tutoring often requires less of a commitment than online teaching, allowing you to do it part-time while keeping your day job.

You can become an online tutor in just about any relevant subject from elementary up to high school. However, some subjects are much more in-demand than others, such as English as a Second Language, SAT prep, calculus, and computer science.

You can become a tutor with platforms like Tutor.com, Tutorme.com, CheggTutors or ElevateK12.

online tutor

You can also start your own tutoring business, market yourself, and get remote clients without the middleman. Lots of families will pay teachers to tutor their children one-on-one.

6. Writing Coach

Writing coaches are in very high demand. Lots of people struggle with their writing skills, whether they be high schoolers, college students, or even graduates out on the job market. Many people pass through university doing very little writing, then struggle at it once they enter the business world. They need a writing coach.

A writing coach helps people by providing structure for their writing project, helping them set goals, and offering advice on how to improve writing. You can help people with writing projects they’re working on for school or work, or provide them with exercises designed to help improve their writing.

Start your own freelance business as a writing coach or work with agencies to find clients.

7. Consultant

Work from home education consultant jobs are some of the easiest for teachers to get into. An educational consultant can work with teachers, administrators, and other people in education, providing career advice and guidance for success.

There are huge opportunities to earn money as a consultant. The consulting market grows every year — it reached $69.9 billion USD in 2019. And more likely than not, you qualify to consult in other areas besides just education. Some other very lucrative consulting niches include personal finance, business, management, green living, home decorating, marketing, and more.  You can work as a consultant full time and make great money doing it.

8. Virtual Assistant

Of all the legitimate work from home jobs for teachers, this is one most teachers are qualified for. Virtual assistants take on numerous administrative tasks, such as typing, researching, answering emails, organization, etc. Teachers tend to be excellent in these areas. Depending on the scope of your virtual assistant job, you may also be asked to provide customer service for business customers, usually through email.

How much you can earn as a virtual assistant varies a lot. Here’s an overview of low-end and high-end income for virtual assistants, including how much you can earn per week or month:

virtual assistant pay

There are many different freelance career paths you can take as a virtual assistant, including administrative assistant, business manager, and executive assistant. Pay varies based on how much skill is needed for these jobs. You can work as a virtual assistant from home on a full or part-time basis.

9. Blogger

Blogging is a legitimate work from home job for teachers that allows you to ramp up your income slowly over time. As a blogger, you’ll have your own website where you write regular content about a niche topic. It could be about education or any other topic you’re really knowledgeable and passionate about.

Over time you’ll build up your traffic, then you can start earning money by showing advertisements or promoting products for a commission. Did you know 60% of people purchase a product after originally reading a blog post about it? You can blog about the best education materials or other relevant products, then when your site visitors click through and buy these products, you’ll get a cut of the profits.

10. Online Adjunct Professor

If you have a lot of teaching experience or even an advanced degree, you could become an online adjunct professor for a college or university. The vast majority of colleges allow some of their professors to teach courses remotely. They can pay you a part-time salary to teach one or two classes or a full-time salary for more courses.

While being an adjunct professor is a legitimate work from home job for teachers, it usually doesn’t pay very well. According to Inside Higher Ed, adjunct professors earn less than $3,500 per course they teach, on average. But if working from home is really appealing to you, this is a good option that offers flexibility and structure. Most universities have their own online learning system you can use to deliver lectures, share course material, grade assignments, etc.

11. Sell Teaching Materials

Selling teaching materials doesn’t usually come up among legitimate work from home jobs for teachers, but it’s really a great one. If you have a knack for creating good educational content and resources for your classes, you could earn extra money selling teaching resources online. You can create worksheets, quizzes, tests, slideshows, game crafts, and other hands-on activities for teachers to use in the classroom.

There are lots of ways to sell your own teaching materials online. You can set up an ecommerce store on your own website, or post your creations on Etsy, for example. You can also sign up for Amazon Ignite, which is designed to help teachers sell digital educational resources.

12. Freelance Editor

As a teacher, you probably have lots of experience grading students’ writing. This makes you an excellent candidate to become a freelance editor. As an editor, you can stick to gigs that relate to education, such as editing student content. Or you can branch out to edit in different niches you’re comfortable with, such as fiction or nonfiction. Academic and dissertation editing is one area many teachers are highly qualified for.

The best way to get started is by setting up your own freelance editing business, then start looking for clients. You can use job sites to find editing work, but the pay usually isn’t as good as when you find clients yourself.

13. Data Entry

If you’re looking for easy work you can do in the privacy of your own home, consider online jobs for teachers in data entry. As a data entry clerk, your job is to enter coded, statistical or other types of numerical data into spreadsheets or other databases for your clients. Lots of businesses hire outside freelancers to take on these tasks for them.

Data entry usually doesn’t pay very well since it doesn’t require a lot of skill to do. However if you’re looking to earn extra money outside of your teaching job and want to work on something that doesn’t require too much creative thought, data entry is a great choice.

Wrapping Up

There are lots of legitimate work from home jobs for teachers. This list just describes a few of the most popular choices out there. Whether you want to stick with teaching-related work or branch out into another freelance niche, there are many worthwhile paths to take. If you want to learn how to maximize your online income using your skills as a teacher, this guide can help.