How to Turn Your Liberal Arts Degree Into Endless Freelance Income

Having a university degree isn’t what it used to be.
Nearly half of Americans with a bachelor’s work jobs that require no degree. Only 3% of all doctorate holders actually become professors.
And those who do work in their field of study still somehow can’t afford a truly comfortable and worry-free lifestyle, let alone a secure retirement.
If you have a liberal arts degree, you’ve probably felt elements of this squeeze in some way:
      • Student loans that will take decades to pay off
      • Family expenses that increase every year like clockwork
      • A job that’s a crappy compromise
      • No clear path to a substantial lifestyle improvement
      • Relentless, crushing worry about money
As a degree-welding young adult, all of those things have affected me.
I saw no way to get out of the rut . . . until I discovered freelancing. Freelancing is a near-perfect fit for people with academic skills.

It’s a Different (Way Better) Financial Environment Online

In academia it seemed like finding and getting funding were constant challenges.
So much energy went into searching for foundations, writing grants, and always trying to function amid constant scarcity.
The online world is very different – money gushes through fire hoses.
There are tens of thousands of websites that take in millions of dollars every month – and they all need fresh, intelligent research, well-written content, relevant graphics, and other things freelancers provide.
Research, information, and solid content is the fuel that feeds their entire business and those websites are constantly looking for people to supply them with what they need.
And that’s not all. By definition, those successful websites are early adopters of online technology and outsourcing work to people anywhere.
That means a person like me, an American living in Ethiopia and working from home, can earn as much income (and in fact, a heck of a lot more) working online as I ever could with a “real” job at a university or in my chosen field.

I Needed to Redefine Myself

We academics like to define ourselves by our field.
But what I didn’t realize is my education also gave me the skills I needed to teach myself how to become something different. Something that can earn me a lot of money online!
I have a bachelor’s and MA in anthropology. However, I liked some aspects of business writing and discovered it is a very lucrative niche (Among many niches that are equally lucrative).
So I work as a freelance business writer in the marketing niche. Yet I’ve never taken a marketing course in my life.
Instead I rely on my research, writing and reasoning skills to find relevant information, and my ability to synthesize it into valuable online content. Content that pays hundreds of dollars per article.
These are some freelance assignments I recently completed:
      • 2,000-word article about email autoresponders. It paid $440.00. Took me 3 hours. (≃ $145/hour)
      • 800-word article about cryptocurrency. It paid $209. Took me 1.5 hours. (≃ $140/hour)
      • 2,235-word article on automated bidding. It paid $543. Took me 3.5 hours. (≃ $155/hour)
      • 1,900-word article on time management. It paid $456. Took me 3 hours. (≃ $150/hour)

You Can Do In Less Than One Year What Took Me Over Three Years

In my case, I dropped out of my PhD program in 2014 and dived right into full-time freelancing while knowing zero about it and basically making every rookie mistake possible.
But . . . today, this is my reality:
      • Paid off my credit card debt
      • Paid off my student loans
      • Support my family on my solo income (really)
      • I’m my own boss
      • I travel to the US, Europe and Asia whenever I want
      • My freelance income grows 30% or more each year
      • I’m making 6-figures of income annually for the first time in my life
I happen to like writing so I chose to freelance in that niche. But you might prefer one of these equally lucrative niches:
      • Editing
      • Translation
      • Administrative Support
      • Customer Service
      • Consulting
      • Data Science and Analytics
      • Design and Creative
      • Sales and Marketing
I navigated the transition from academia to freelancing without guidance and by trial and error, but you don’t have to.
I’ve learned exactly what you need to do to succeed online – and I still do it every day – and ENDLESS FREELANCE INCOME can get you up to speed in a fraction of the time it took me.
You don’t have to learn by trial and error as I did. You can earn great money right from the beginning.


While in academia, I suffered a lot from impostor syndrome. I didn’t feel like I could be a real anthropologist — a real researcher who could impact my field.
Then, when I switched to freelancing, my doubts followed me. I couldn’t be a “real” freelancer because I had no formal training. I felt like I was faking it.
But financial necessity forced me to forge ahead. Soon, I overcame my self-doubts and I really started to succeed with my new work.
Instead of treading water financially, I was flourishing.

You’re Already Fully Qualified to Make Great Money

As my lifestyle improved, people on my private social media began to notice that I was visiting new places and enjoying new experiences.
I started getting emails and messages from former university colleagues and personal friends who asked, “How are you able to do all that stuff? Aren’t you still broke like I am?”
So I told them what I’m telling you; “You’re already fully qualified to make great money doing online freelancing.”
These were people I knew from undergrad and grad school. Even some professors reached out to me.
A lot of them had even more skills and relevant experience than I did when I started freelancing – skills and experience that would make them more successful than I am.
Still, their response was always, “No, I can’t do any freelancing. I don’t know how.”
I knew exactly how they were feeling. They were suffering from the same self-doubt I’d had at the beginning.
So I did what any friend would do – I answered all their questions and put together some resources to help them get started.
I walked them through every step of getting set up, finding the best niche for their abilities and personal preferences, where to find high paying clients, and how to get paid the right rates.
Soon I had all the elements of a comprehensive course that answered the exact questions that repeatedly came up with everyone I helped.
And when I realized there must be millions of people in the same situation as my friends, I knew I could create and sell a complete course that would be a huge benefit to a lot of people. Win/win.

Don’t Be “Underemployed”

It’s tragic that so many bright, capable people who have worked so hard to develop valuable skills and knowledge are underutilized and underpaid in conventional employment arrangements.
America has 18,000 parking lot attendants with a degree and 5,000 janitors with a PhD. And we all know those two sensationalist stats are just the tip of the iceberg.
Millions of us are doing jobs we don’t enjoy and that don’t pay us what we’re really worth.
The tragedy is that there are too many smart, educated people out there that aren’t making the switch to freelancing only because they don’t think they can, or just don’t know where to start.


I’m an academic at heart, so I can guarantee you this is a no-fluff course.
This course, module-by-module, is the exact system I used to transform my personal finances from being broke and panicked to being out of debt and having more than enough money for the first time in my life.
It also means having an independent lifestyle where you can:
      • work from anywhere with an internet connection
      • work part time a few hours a week or month
      • work 80 hours per week if you want
      • earn a small supplemental income, or a boatload of income
      • drop in and out of freelancing as your personal demands require
Regular people with no special qualifications are doing all the above right now.
But you have a degree and probably considerable experience to augment your freelance earning power.
You can charge more money for services in the freelance world. You can find a niche that earns you triple what you were paid from your regular job.
This course grew out of me helping fellow alums who are friends, so it’s engineered specifically to help people with a degree harness their current skills to become a specialized, successful freelancer.
To my knowledge, this is the only course designed specifically for people with academic skills to succeed at online freelancing. It’s ideal for:
      • Anyone with a liberal arts degree
      • Grad students
      • Adjunct professors
      • Tenured professors
      • Academic researchers

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ENDLESS FREELANCE INCOME is About Financial Freedom

This is NOT another method where you start with gigs that are $5-$10 a pop and then slowly work your way up amid the struggling masses of unskilled freelancers and gig workers in developing countries.
(That’s what I did, and it wasted way too much time and sacrificed way too much potential income.)
Instead, I’ll show you how to ask for and receive a premium price from the very beginning.
And because you have complete control over how much freelancing you do and how often you do it, you have a broad range of options in terms of your objectives.
This degree of control over your income and lifestyle flexibility is the definition of financial freedom.
This course will allow you to:
      • Pay down debt
      • Improve your standard of living
      • Transition out of your current job into full-time freelancing
      • Freelance part-time as an income supplement
      • Build an emergency savings or start a nest egg for retirement
      • Become location-independent and travel the world
      • Or just afford some of life’s small luxuries that make you smile
I’m going to share all the knowledge and insight I wish I had when I first started freelancing years ago.
I’d have bought this course in a heartbeat back then.
Even when I was a year down the road of working as a freelancer, I’d have gladly paid ten times the cost of this course to have this information sooner than I did.
These are the exact tactics and strategies that have made me six figures of income and continue to make me money every day.


It took me more than a year to develop this course because I wanted to make it as valuable as possible. I wanted to share everything I’ve learned since I started freelancing, as well as research new strategies to succeed in 2019.
Here’s what you get when you enroll in this course:

24+ Lessons

There are 24 lessons divided into 7 Chapters that follow a logical sequence of ‘first things first.’
Chapter 1: Introduction to Freelancing
Chapter 2: Identifying Your Most Profitable Skills
Chapter 3: Choosing Your Freelance Niche
Chapter 4: Reinventing Yourself as a Freelancer
Chapter 5: Setting Your Freelance Rates
Chapter 6: Setting Up Shop
Chapter 7: Landing Your First Client

16+ Resources

These resources get into the specifics you need in order to make informed decisions and get straight to generating income.
      • Detailed look at the best freelance niches
      • Checklists for setting up your profile as a freelancer
      • Sample freelancer resumes, rate sheets, project proposals and more
      • Specific tips for success and avoiding common pitfalls

Worksheets and Homework

Specialized worksheets and homework to guide you through important steps for success, such as choosing a niche, researching your market, setting up your website, and more.

Guaranteed Access to Future Material

Freelancing is my job, so I’m constantly learning new tricks, shortcuts, and ways to succeed in the industry. Not to mention the areas where growth is exploding and creating new opportunities.
And since I’m committed to having the best, most comprehensive freelancing course out there for people with a degree, this course will be updated regularly with new material.
Enroll in ENDLESS FREELANCE INCOME today, and you’ll get immediate access to all of this, plus free future access to all new course materials.

ENDLESS FREELANCE INCOME Will Show You How to Reinvent Yourself as a Freelancer

For most people, reinventing themselves as a freelancer is the scariest part of making the switch.
So I will show you the smart, fast way to create a new professional image that shows potential clients that you’re skilled and experienced.
I will teach you how to:
      • Create sample work for your portfolio
      • Redo your CV/resume to highlight relevant freelance skills
      • Set your pay rates to maximize value for you
      • Quickly create a basic professional website for your freelance business
      • And so much more

ENDLESS FREELANCE INCOME Will Show You How to Land Many High-Paying Clients

Finding freelance clients is easy. Finding clients who will pay you what you’re worth is not.
This course will teach you how to systematically search for, pitch, and land high paying clients.
That’s how you earn real money as a freelancer from the beginning.
      • Find the best freelance work opportunities
      • Know what to look for in a potential client and what to avoid
      • Write a winning job proposal
      • Work successfully with your first clients
By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid job search routine you can apply to grow your client base and your business at will.


I personally guarantee that this course will work for you. It contains the exact, step-by-step method I used to get where I am now.
And you have 30 days to read all the lessons, resources, and homework to decide for yourself. If it isn’t everything I say it is you can have 100% of your money back.
At the end of this course you will have:
  • Chosen a busy, lucrative niche that suits your skills and personal interests
  • Created an impressive portfolio and relevant freelancing resume
  • Established rates that are competitive and generate your maximum income
  • Your own website that projects a professional image of you and your business
  • Income from your first paying client
  • An efficient system for finding and acquiring new clients in perpetuity (Hence the course name; Endless Freelance Income)
Honestly, I’d have paid ten times the price of this course to know all of this from Day One.
I don’t even want to calculate the income I lost year after year because I wasn’t freelancing the smart way. Which is why this course has no fluff and just shows you the straightest line between zero and top dollar.
Enroll now and take 30 days to review everything and dive in. You’ll be very glad you did.

BONUS: Oh, did I mention I’ll answer your questions along the way if you email me? That bonus won’t be available forever, so enroll now while you can still get free email support while you build your freelance business.


Enroll TODAY and you’ll receive the Email Support BONUS mentioned above.

My Personal Guarantee

I created ENDLESS FREELANCE INCOME to help people succeed freelancing online. I truly believe that if you follow the steps in this course, you’ll have everything you need to maximize the value of your skills and education to build a successful freelance business.

But, if for ANY reason you’re not satisfied with the course material, I do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Contact me within 30 days of purchasing the course and I’ll refund 100% of your payment, no questions asked.






Zach Garfield, PhD
“ENDLESS FREELANCE INCOME is equal parts big-picture, motivational, perspective taking, and tangible, actionable, recommendations. I didn’t realize the potential to leverage the professional skill set I had developed as an academic across industry lines. Despite being quite productively versatile, my highly specific academic focus had led me into a professional tunnel vision as I surveyed the job market. After ENDLESS FREELANCE INCOME I can see a much broader range of professional opportunities and now see that my academic background is a much greater asset than I had realized.”
Katie Flores, PhD Student
“This course is an amazing resource for everyone to use. Many individuals are groomed to follow in the footsteps of their academic mentors and may feel shame for desiring something outside of academia. Change can be overwhelming, especially when you’re juggling debt. ENDLESS FREELANCE INCOME helps to make that change more approachable and tangible, while showing you how to tap into that skillset you (probably painfully) honed during graduate school. The life Courtney has built for herself and the amount of debt she has been able to clear (before the age of 30, might I add) proves that freelancing can be lucrative and rewarding.
Greg S., Freelancer
“A new venture is always less daunting with someone who has already made the journey to help you navigate the waters, and that’s exactly what Courtney does here. The voice of experience speaks loud and clear as she guides you through all the hurdles of self-employment and helps you settle into exactly what it will take to begin a freelance career and how to make your personal plan to do it effectively. The course has something to offer anyone with a Liberal Arts education looking to leverage it into something new, whether you’re looking for a little supplemental income or a whole new chapter of life.”
Kimberly Lackey, PhD
“ENDLESS FREELANCE INCOME is extremely helpful (and reassuring!) for those of us considering the (scary) leap from steady income to freelancing. Courtney does a great job laying out the pros and cons, and the precise steps you need to take to transition. I found this breakdown to be very useful because it feels very overwhelming to give up the comfort of a steady paycheck. One of my main concerns was how to determine how much to charge a client, and I found the “Setting Your Rates” module particularly helpful in this regard. ENDLESS FREELANCE INCOME is a wealth of knowledge that has kept me from “learning the hard way,” and for that, I am grateful. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone, even if you are just considering the idea of switching to freelance work! You won’t regret it!”
J.M., Course Student
“I like the fact that I have lifetime access to ENDLESS FREELANCE INCOME and can come back at any time I need to. I like that it’s easy to understand and comprehensive. I feel that Courtney takes my hand and guides me through each chapter and section of the course. I like that there are resources to work through after some chapters. Chapter 2 was really motivating for me. Take this course, it’s helpful.
R.W., Course Student
“This course breaks down into simple steps, all the tasks I need to accomplish in order to set up successful online articles and content writing business. The way you take us through setting up the UpWork profile and creating a website,  is excellent. I also appreciated being allowed to pay for the course in installments. This is an excellent course, which will lead anyone taking it to actually start their own business online. With what I have learnt in this course, I feel 100% assured of being a success in my own online business.