freelance academic editor

How to Become a Freelance Academic Editor

Want to become a freelance academic editor? You’ve made a good choice. Editing was one of the first freelance jobs I got after leaving academia 7 years ago. Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or make the switch like I did, you can earn good money as a freelance academic editor from home. That…
jobs for phds

Jobs for PhDs: 13 Careers Outside of Academia

If you have a PhD and can’t get a job, don’t feel like you’re alone. Most who want to work outside of academia have trouble finding good jobs for PhDs. The majority of PhD career advice students get is geared toward staying associated with a university. There’s little information available about the various non-academic career…
leaving academia

Why You Won’t Regret Leaving Academia Behind

Nowadays more people than ever are leaving academia, some because they want a different life and some because they can’t get or maintain the job they want in academia. Since I left academia to become a freelancer, I’ve advised grad students, PhDs, and even tenured professors about making the switch. A lot of people lament…