freelance writing websites

25 Best Freelance Writing Websites for 2020

It isn’t always easy finding jobs for writers online. You have to know the right places to look while avoiding content mills and other low paying freelance writing websites. Luckily, there are plenty of reputable platforms out there that can help you find clients for your freelance writing business. To help you get started, I…
raise your freelance rates

How to Charge More for Your Freelance Services in 2020

Today there’s more work available for freelancers than ever before. CEOs increasingly hire freelance workers to grow their business. And while getting freelance clients is relatively easy, getting clients that will actually pay you well is not. Many freelancers today get stuck in a cycle of working gigs that underpay. I was once one of…
freelance proposal template

Freelance Proposal Template + Tips for Success

Creating an effective project proposal is essential for small businesses today. A professional, comprehensive business proposal can be all it takes to impress prospects and land a new client. Before I started using templates for my freelance writing business, a huge portion of my time got eaten up by creating project proposals. Starting with a…

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