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How to Start a Freelance Copy Editing Business

Interested in joining the world of freelance copy editing? You’ve made an excellent choice. I’ve been a full time freelance for over 6 years and can tell you with confidence: Editing is one of the best remote jobs out there. Today I’m a full time business writer. But when I first started freelancing, most of…

Why the Future of Work is Freelance

A lot of people wonder if making the switch to freelancing is the right choice for them. Freelancing is a lot like being an entrepreneur. You have to work hard to succeed. It comes with a whole different lifestyle and less income security. Entering the freelance world can seem scary for a lot of people.…
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25 Best Freelance Writing Websites for 2020

It isn’t always easy finding jobs for writers online. You have to know the right places to look while avoiding content mills and other low paying freelance writing websites. Luckily, there are plenty of reputable platforms out there that can help you find clients for your freelance writing business. To help you get started, I…

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