My name is Courtney Danyel. I’m an anthropologist, freelance writer, and recovering academic.
Like millions of other people, I graduated with a ton of student debt and went straight into a job market that offered very few opportunities for lucrative employment. 
The most frustrating thing was knowing that university had given me very valuable skills and the discipline to analyze and solve problems.
So five years ago I made the scary decision to leave academia and try to make it in the world of online business.
I had no idea what I was doing.
But slowly I discovered that the skills I learned in grad school were making me an excellent freelancer.
Today I earn more money than most tenured professors while doing a small fraction of the work they do.
More importantly to me, I live life on my own terms (in my former field site, Ethiopia!), I can travel the world at will, and I even get to do a little anthropology on the side, irrespective of what it pays because I have all the income I need from freelancing.
I guarantee you can do exactly what I did. All you need is someone to show you the ropes by teaching you how to redeploy the skills and knowledge you already have to earn online income as a freelancer.

The Online Economy is Booming

There is a voracious demand for freelance services. And those of us with a university degree have a competitive advantage over less-skilled workers.
The money is great. And I mean six-figures-a-year great for a solo freelancer.
Trust me, if you can make it all the way through a degree, learning how to use your academic skills to be a freelancer will be a cakewalk. Especially when you can avoid the pitfalls and cul-de-sacs that I went down while learning from scratch.
Skip the learning curve by taking my purpose-built course designed for specifically for people who want to use their hard won academic skills to generate a very substantial income and a lifestyle free from financial pressure.


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